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Are you looking for a medical equipment repair and device refurbishing business? Mt unirepair is the perfect partner to entrust with the repair and delivery of your medical devices and equipment. Our company offers professional repair for any medical device, equipment or other instruments. All equipment and every medical device should be handled with the utmost care and the repair of these products should be carried out thoroughly.

Medical equipment refurbishing for your business

At our medical equipment repair business, we understand the importance of refurbishing and maintenance of any medical device and instruments. As they are extremely precise and play a key role in saving lives. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the repairs and delivery of these devices and equipment should be handled with the corresponding knowledge and expertise, even when using refurbished materials. At mt unirepair, we place great importance on the constant training and proper qualification of our employees. Therefore, our staff is highly skilled in the repair or refurbishing of any medical device or equipment. We deliver this service both on site and at our own service locations centrally located in the Netherlands and the USA. Our strengths include expertise in repair to the component level and after-repair testing, to ensure work of high quality.

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Do you want to use the services of our medical equipment business for repair or refurbishing your instruments or any medical device? If an emergency situation develops, we understand that the repair of your medical device or equipment cannot wait. Thanks to our available refurbished materials your medical equipment or devices can be repaired any time of the day. Make an appointment and see what we can do for your company. Do you have any additional questions? Then feel free to contact us at +31(0)43 408 8282 or send an email to We are ready to identify the problems of your medical instruments or any other device and repair them with care. Take a look at our portfolio for previous cases.


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