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Are you looking for a printer repair center which offers support for the maintenance and repair of your printers and digital presses with refurbished parts? Mt unirepair, located in the Netherlands, offers you support in the repair of various printers and refurbished parts. Because of the central location of our repair center, we can also provide support on site for your printer, as we are able to arrive in most European cities within four hours.

Trust our printer repair center for all your maintenance requests

In our repair facility we mainly use refurbished parts to fix the problems with your specific printer system, or digital presses; we even handle the environmental disposal of the electronics. As can be seen in our portfolio, there is not a single problem that our employees have not already dealt with. Make sure to trust the experts of mt unirepair when facing one of the following problems:

  • Raster Image Processors (RIP)
  • Printing Units
  • Color systems
  • Development Units

Other than the abovementioned systems, we are also able to repair any 3D printer or digital presses. This constitutes an important innovative growing market in which we school our employees regularly.

What are the advantages of using refurbished printer parts of our repair center?

Buying a new printer can be much more expensive than repairing your current model. Most printers, can be repaired by replacing just some parts with refurbished materials. This is good news for both your company and the environment, since the disposal of printers or other hardware can have quite the impact on the environment. However, you might think that having a refurbished printer with parts from multiple vendors sounds unnecessarily complicated. We therefore offer a multi-vendor service, when you want your digital or 3D printer refurbished. This makes ordering and collecting the right parts much easier and cheaper. Our vast experience in the area of refurbished products such as a printer and its parts, is thus used to your advantage.

Make use of our services and contact us today

Do you want to use the services of our printer repair center for your digital presses? Then make an appointment today! Whether you want to visit or electronics refurbishing center or request our assistance on site, everything is possible for our certified engineers. You contact us on +31(0)43 408 8282 or send an email to We will gladly assist you in finding the right solution for any of your equipment. Check out our portfolio.


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