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Are you looking for a partner who can take over your returns management? Reverse logistics can be a tricky part of your supply chain management. Some companies do not want to take on this burden and operate better with a third party involved. mt unirepair understands that returns management is a whole different story compared to your own supply chain. We are experienced in taking on the returns management from any logistical branch of a company.

Outsource your returns management to us

You can trust us with your entire returns management, as we have the necessary expertise to make sure this goes exactly in the manner your company prefers. We make sure the goods that come back from your customers get the treatment and handling they should get to run back into your supply chain. Efficiency and knowledge of how to achieve your needs are key to us.

Tell us what you need

We will make sure you get what you ask for. Your returns management is in safe hands with us. Call us on +31(0)43 408 8282 and tell us what you need from us. You can also send an email to Let us show you what we are capable of with your reverse logistics.


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