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Do you have faulty parts and do you require repair or technical services? Then mt unirepair can definitely help. We are the best partner for all types of technical parts and repair services in any industry, and can repair or refurbish all of your parts and management systems. Our service center is located in the Netherlands, however we can also provide technical repair support on-site in your own facility. From our location, we can reach many major cities in Europe within four hours.

Refurbish your parts and repair your equipment with our technical services

At our company we can help you with the repair or refurbishment of any parts with our technical services. We have a broad workforce, including many well-trained engineers and repair personnel. We keep a close eye on updating their training and certification so that they have the right information and expertise, even regarding the newest innovations. Whatever industry your company operates in, our technical services can repair every kind of parts or equipment. We provide solutions for multiple branches, as well as a multi-vendor service which makes repairs on many applications much easier and cheaper. This also means we can repair or refurbish your products to their original specifications, even when the products are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

Trust our technical services with the repair of your parts and equipment

As logistics systems technology keeps innovating at a fast pace, it is important to keep up with new developments. Our engineers and repair personnel are always up to date in their certification and training. That is why our certified engineers are ready to help you with the repair of your management system. Besides repairs, we can also take over your return management. This is why our knowledge of logistical systems is so high-level. This is one of the reasons to choose us for taking care of your systems. It will be simpler and more cost-effective when done right.

Call now for repairs

We are always available to talk about your options for technical parts repairs and refurbishment services t. Our technical services are also available for various management systems repairs. Call us now on +31(0)43 408 8282 or send an email to We offer knowledgeable engineers who know how to optimize and repair logistical management systems and provide all other kinds of services. Here at mt unirepair, we are experts in logistical systems and what is necessary in order to make them function as efficiently as possible. Your systems are in capable hands with us.


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