COVID-19 Statement for customer on-site visits MT Unirepair

* If you are unable to accept all terms and conditions below, you are kindly requested to either postpone your visit, organize your meeting online or send another representative

I herewith declare that:
- For the last 24h, I have not shown any symptoms such as coughing, sniffing, fever (higher than 38°C), respiratory problems
- none of the members of my household are currently showing any of the above mentioned symptoms
- a member of my household has tested positive for the corona virus, but I have not been in contact with him/her for the last 14 days while he/she still showed symptoms
- I have not been tested positive for the corona virus during the last 7 days
- I am not in self isolation
- I will be wearing a mask during my visit
- I will respect the 1,5 meter social distancing

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