Interested in a circular economy?

Our pillars

Our main goal is to work towards a circular economy by: repairing, integration and handle logistics.
We are easily accessible, located strategically in the Netherlands and the USA, served by an intermodal air-road transport access.

What we can do for your business?

Improve product quality by data & technical analysis
Be a lower-cost alternative to manufacturers

Reduce waste


Some of the possibilities

medical equipment

Medical Therapy and Diagnosis Devices, such as ECG Recorders and Ultrasound Devices, MRT and EEG

mechanical engineering

Devices for Metrology and Control Technology and Drive Technology

car technology

For example Recall ABS and Vehicle Dynamics Control, Body Control Unit, Driver Assistance Systems, Alarm Systems and Multimedia Devices

digital printers

Control Units such as Raster Image Processors (RIP) and Printing Units, Color Systems and Development Units

seafaring technology

Electronic Control Systems for the Propulsion as well as the Navigation


Repair of innovative 3D Printing Systems, a growing market with unimaginable Potential for Future Technologies

Why parts repair ?

A new part offers cost advantage ? On the contrary: By using repaired parts such as Motherboards is a saving of up to 30% compared to the complete replacement of the unit possible and in examined quality !

Why refurbish ?

In the wake of ever shorter product life cycles, refurbished products occur in the IT remarketing more & more.
Contrary to popular belief used systems are more than adequate and field proven.

For our Planet !

In our world the responsible use of resources and technical parts, containing valuable, not endlessly available raw materials, is indispensable.

Contribute your part to a better future!


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