Repair and refurbishment of spare sparts

Are you looking for repair and refurbishment services for your equipment or spare parts? We are experts in the refurbishment of spare machine parts and utilize them as much as we can. This does not only make it easier to repair products and machines to their original state, but is also more cost-efficient. As mt unirepair is independent from vendors, this allows us to repair refurbish machine parts that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

Discover how refurbishment of spare parts can cut your costs

Are you interested in how our repair and refurbishment of equipment or spare parts can cut costs? The repair and refurbishment services of our electronic repair center help you cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the repair. However, refurbishment of spare machine parts or equipment makes it easier to bring back your machine or product to its original state. The use of these refurbished spare machine parts can greatly reduce maintenance or repair costs. Even when the original manufacturer stops producing certain products or parts, refurbished items may be the best solution in getting your machine to its best possible state. We are experienced in reverse engineering and possess all the necessary knowledge to repair or refurbish these products to their original specifications.

Repair and refurbishment services to prolong the life of your equipment

If you use your equipment very often, you want it to function at all times for as long as possible. Through our knowledge of spare parts we can help with the refurbishment of your equipment. If you refurbish your machine timely with spare parts, then you can use it for a prolonged period of time without having to worry about purchasing new equipment.

Our repair and refurbishment services can fix anything

Regardless of whether its old or new technology, our experts know exactly what to do. They have years of experience and can either repair your machine in its entirety with the refurbishment of spare parts. Would you like to know more about possibilities? Make sure to look at our portfolio or contact us. Let us show the possibilities of your machine. Call us on +31(0)43 408 8282 or send an email to for more information.

storage products (Libraries, Disks, tapes)

Supporting older and newest technology.

PC's / Servers / Networking equipment

A specialty are raster image processors for large digital printers.

PCB's / Power Supplies / Keyboards

Printed circuit boards and EP's make also a big part for our customers.

More about b2b Repair & Refurbishment?

peripheral products (Printers, Controllers)

Especially in this area are tremendous assets available.

printheads / Hammerbanks / Fusing units

Our vast experience in this area is your advantage.

fotolabs and digital presses

Digital Pro Labs for Online Photo Printing and Large Format Printers or Large Digital Printing Systems.


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