Supporting Tools

We are constantly implementing and supporting technology refresh and upgrade programs as an enabler to improve our quality and productivity.

repair management system

Vote, planning, management and communication between transportation planning and our locations can be performed optimally.

failure analysis

Something is broken, that is clear. Finding out what it is exactly in short time is needed.

inventory management

Our system is designed on the extensive use of millions of parts.

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forwarder selection and management

A pre-selection and management results in better yield quality components.

shipment preparation to international destination

Our customers rely on our reliable packing for international shipping by rail, shipping or plane.

emergency shipment

Hot or not. When it time is short, they can rely on us.

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multi lingual support

Our team is multilingual and can support in several languages for best services.

Customized «Inbound» and «Outbound» Activities

Product management listens to the market and product marketing talks to the market. So we do individually.


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